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The “Feeding the Soul of the Bible Study Leader” website was created to help support the spiritual growth and vitality of those who lead Bible studies in group settings, regardless of age- group or format. Currently, the website provides a collection of 52 devotionals for Bible study leaders that anyone can sign up to receive on a weekly basis. It also provides access to those devotionals on the website for individual exploration.

These devotional materials are available in both English and Spanish. In addition, paperback and Kindle collections of these devotionals are available in both English and Spanish through Amazon.com.

If you find these materials encouraging, please share the link to this website with others you know who lead Bible study groups. In the future we plan to also provide audio recordings of the devotionals so people can listen to them, and a series of short articles on different issues and practices that can strengthen the spiritual impact of group Bible studies.

I pray that you will find these materials an encouragement to your soul and a support in your Bible study ministry.

God bless your ministry,

Kevin E. Lawson

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